Isolated Front End

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Siglent ISFE

Siglent ISFE 2 Channel +/-600V

The ISFE is an invaluable add on to any oscilloscope in situations where measurements are to be made with different ground references, or on floating systems where a ground connection through the oscilloscope is undesirable.

A typical usage scenario is one probe measuring CAT II mains voltage across live and neutral, the other probe is measuring a low voltage DC signal in a system powered by mains. Using an ISFE it is entirely safe to move the 'ground' clip of the second probe to any point within the DC system so you are not restricted to measurements referenced to ground.

The ISFE is transparent and can be used on any oscilloscope, the only prerequisite is a 5V USB power source - usually taken from the USB socket of the oscilloscope but could be provided from other sources.

Usability Features and Acessories

The ISFE works perfectly with Siglent Oscilloscopes, BNC couplers are included which allow the ISFE to actually attach to the oscilloscope

Two sets of BNC to crocodile clip cables are included for connection to CAT II circuits

A USB A to USB A cable is included to power the ISFE from the oscilloscope

A small instruction and configuration booklet is included

Probe (ISFE) compensation trimmers are included on the device which work in a similar way to compensation trimmers on a standard oscilloscope probe

Key Features

Plug and Play option for any oscilloscope

USB powered

Electrical isolation to 1000Vrms single channel and 2000Vrms between channels

Complete electrical isolation when measuring household CAT II mains

Complete electrical isolation and freedom of ground referencing in electrical systems up to CAT II


Input Voltage Range: -600Vpk ~ + 600Vpk

Attenuation Ratio: Approx 200:1

Bandwidth: up to 1MHz

Output Voltage Range: -3Vpk ~ + 3Vpk

Power Supply: USB 5V+/-5% 200mA

Electrical isolation input to output: 1000Vrms

Electrical isolation between inputs: 2000Vrms

Input Impedance: 10Meg Ohms

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